6:31PM MST Update

I'm currently restoring backups.  Once the backups are restored, I'll check the main site on the server to make sure it is loading properly, if not, try to fix it, and continue setting up the server.

There seems to be an issue if you have a php version selected other than the "native" php version.  The native php version is php 5.6 and selecting php 5.6 instead of selecting "native", gives an error that the mysql and/or mysqli extension needs to  be installed.

I've come across a few that have had 5.6 selected, but, switched it to native and the site started working.

4:30PM MST

cPanel is still installing.  I was expecting it to be installed about an hour ago, if not sooner, however, I've been monitoring it and it is just working away.

Once the install is complete, I expect to have the sites restored within 2 hours.

3:30PM MST

Most likely, due to the power outage experienced at the datacenter last week, the server experienced issues at arount  9AM - 10AM MST.

Upon investigation, both the primary drive and the backup drive on the server were experiencing issues.

I was able to perform a disk repair on the backup drive, however, the integrity of the backups were in question.  A new backup drive was installed.

The reboot of the server seemed to fix the primary drive, but, I suspected the primary drive would soon need to be replaced.

My main concern was the integrity of the backups, so I immediately performed a cPanel backup rather than replace the primary drive.

At around 1:30PM MST, the server again was experiencing issues and upon investigation, the primary drive was acting up again.

Since I had just made a backup and still have access to the old backups, the primary drive was then replaced.

I'm currently installing cPanel on the server.  Once installed, I'll need to configure cPanel and then can start restoring backups.

Sorry for the downtime, I'm working as fast as I can to get things back to normal.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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